10 Accessories Every Electric Scooter Rider Needs

Electric scooter accessories

The top 10 electric scooter accessories that every rider should own are: 10) tire slime, 9) safety vest, 8) tire valve extender, 7) gloves, 6) phone holder, 5) lock, 4) front light, 3) eye protection, 2) rear light, and a 1) helmet.

These accessories will make your ride more enjoyable, and help keep you and your scooter safe while on the road.

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Top 10 Electric Scooter Accessories

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10. Tire Slime

Bottle of green tire slime

Typical price: $10
Our favorite:
Inexpensive tire sealant that includes everything you need to add it to your tires.

Tire slime, also called tire sealant, is the best way to both prevent and repair flat tires. Slime will often prevent you from having to replace a tire or inner tube. It’s quick and easy to use. We recommend adding it preventively to tires of a new scooter, but you can also keep a bottle on hand and use it when needed.

We love pneumatic (air-filled) tires — they help to cushion your ride and give you the best traction in adverse or wet conditions. However, the biggest downside to pneumatic tires is their susceptibility to getting flats — this is particularly true if you are using ones with inner tubes (as opposed to tubeless).

Learn more about preventing and repairing flats with tire slime.

9. Safety Vest

Typical price: $15
A safety vest is an inexpensive piece of high-visibility clothing. They are brightly colored, have reflective patches, and are worn over the top of your clothes.

Though these vests aren’t the most fashionable, they will make you more visible to cars, and we recommend them if you are riding on busier roads.

8. Tire Valve Extender

Typical price: $5
A tire valve extender is a short length of tubing that extends the reach of your pump. Many electric scooters have valves that are recessed into the wheel, making them inaccessible. If your scooter doesn’t come with an extender and has recessed valves — you’ll need one.

If you have solid (airless) tires, then you don’t need to worry about this accessory.

7. Gloves

Typical price: $25+
A good pair of riding gloves makes a massive difference for quality-of-life when riding a scooter. In the winter, they will help to keep your hands warm. In the event of a fall or crash, especially at higher speeds, they can help to keep the skin on your hands.

When choosing gloves, you should pick ones that are appropriate for your speed. For lower-speed riding (5 to 10 mph), nearly any glove with some thickness will do. At higher speeds, thick leather mountain biking or motorcycle gloves are a necessity.

6. Phone Holder

Typical price: $15
Cell phones are an integral part of life. But they can become a distraction when riding an electric scooter.

Phone holders are very useful when riding. Whether you need to follow GPS directions or check a notification, you can safely do so without having to let go of the scooter handlebars and risk a nasty fall.

Phone holders install onto the scooter handlebar, and firmly grip your phone to keep it in place. Not only do you stay safe from any wipeouts, your phone does as well.

5. Lock

Typical price: $45 to $100
Our favorite:
a sturdy U-lock with an extra-long (10-inch) shackle that makes locking up most scooters a breeze.

Purchasing a lock is vital in keeping your scooter safe if you park it in a public place for any length of time.

There are a wide range of locks at various prices, include chain locks, cable locks and U-locks. Some locks are more secure than others. Cable locks, for example, can be easily cut and U-locks are the most secure.

Pro tip: Not all U-locks are the same, and cheap ones can be cut just as easily as a cable.

4. Front Light

Typical price: $35+
Our favorite: a super-bright 750-lumen LED light from NiteRider.

A proper headlight is essential when it comes to seeing and being seen at night. Most electric scooters have dim or low-mounted lights, which do not illuminate the road well.

A bright attachable headlight can make a huge difference when riding at night — not only does the light help you see the road better, but it also makes you visible to other vehicles on the road.

Learn more about staying safe when riding at night.

3. Eye Protection

Typical price: $15+
Eye protection is essential when riding a fast vehicle with no windshield. Bugs and debris can easily injure your eyes or momentarily blind you — leading to a dangerous situation.

Sunglasses work well as physical protection and also help you see better when the sun is at its brightest. For riding at night, clear or photochromic glasses that become more transparent are also useful.

2. Rear light

Typical price: $25+
Our favorite: a 150-lumen red LED light from Cygolite.

Electric scooters universally have low-mounted rear lights that don’t project far and are not easily seen at night.

An attachable red light that you can clip to your helmet, backpack or any other high-mounted position will increase your visibility and help you stay safe in high traffic areas.

1. Helmet

Man wearing helmet and holding electric scooter

Typical price: $45 to $200+
Our favorite: Our whole crew rocks an affordable but amazing DOT-certified motorcycle helmet from Bell.

A helmet is the essential piece of safety equipment that you can own — always wear one when riding a scooter.

At a minimum, you should wear a CPSC-certified bicycle helmet. Faster riders (20+ mph) will want more substantial protection afforded by an ASTM F1952-certified downhill bicycle helmet or a DOT-certified motorcycle helmet.

Learn more about electric scooter helmets or find the perfect one in our electric scooter helmet database.

Summary: Top 10 Electric Scooter Accessories

There are a plethora of available electric scooter accessories — we could create a top 100 accessories article with the number of products that exist. However, we wanted to focus on the essential accessories — ones that are useful for every rider.

Preventative accessories like slime, a valve extender, and a lock will keep your mind at ease knowing you’re prepared for any issue. Wearing gloves, eye protection, and using a phone holder definitely make your ride more comfortable and secure.

Sharing the road with cars is probably the most dangerous aspect of your commute, making safety-related accessories the most important on our list. Wearing a helmet, safety vest, having a high-mounted front and rear lights will help keep you visible and safe. Owning the right accessories will keep you comfortable, at ease, and help to protect you physically.



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