Best Electric Scooters 2022: We hands-on tested 100+

This is not another BS “Top 10” list with stock footage and shallow (or shady) opinion. No one on the planet has hands-on tested more electric scooters than ESG. And over the last three and a half years, we’ve heard directly from 50,000 real scooter riders through surveys, comments, and posts across Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and our website.  

This video is years in the making, and today we’re bringing you the best electric scooters you can buy in 2022.

With a list this tight, we are bound to not be able to feature a few great electric scooters, so we have some honorable mentions to give respect where its due. And finally, we’ll preview some e-scooters that promise big things over the coming year and into 2023.

Best Electric Scooters 2022: Summary

Electric ScooterCategory (What it’s the Best At)
#1 Hiboy S2Best Budget Electric Scooter (Under $500)
update: see Gotrax scooters below which have decreased in price, improved in support, and now compete very well
#2 NIU KQi2 ProBest All-Around Affordable Electric Scooter; Best Rising Brand
#3 ANYHILL UM-2Best Swappable Battery; Best for Heavy Riders
#4 Apollo AirBest under Electric Scooter $1,000
#5 Unagi Model One and
Monthly Lease
Best Urban Commuter; Best Zero Hassle
#6 Uscooters GT Sport,Best Lightweight High-Speed Electric Scooter
#7 EMOVE CruiserBest Long Range Electric Scooter
#8 Kaabo Mantis V2Standard Setter
#9 City Pro 2022Best Integrated Design; Best Rain or Shine
#10 Wolf Warrior X (Base Model)Best < $ 2,000; Best Offroad
#11 NAMI BURN-E 2 Best Exotic Performance
#12 Wolf King GT ProSpeed Champion; Industry Icon
#13 Segway GT2 Most Innovative
HONORABLE MENTIONSVSett 10+, Okai Neon Pro, EMOVE RoadRunner,
UScooters Booster V, Inokim OXO
NOTEWORTHYTaur, Turboant X7 Pro, Apollo Phantom V3,
Apollo Pro, Bo M, Aike T

Gotrax G3 and G4: Best Budget 2023 ($399 and $499)

In 2022, we confidently recommended the Hiboy S2 as the best budget scooter under $500. In 2023, that spot has been taken by entry-level competitors from Gotrax in their G3 and G4 scooters, and we can add these to our list of best electric scooters.

Both the G3 and G4 feature pneumatic tires for a smoother ride, and Gotrax has much improved their customer support in the last year. Read our full comparison of the Hiboy S2 and Gotrax G3 and G4 here.

Hiboy S2

Hiboy S2, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 19.0 mph*
Tested range: 12.7 mi*
Weight: 32 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Strong Acceleration
Effective Dual Braking System
Great Performance for Dollar
You Get More Than What You Pay for
but You Can't Expect Much
Maintenance Free Tires Don't Absorb Much

Hiboy S2, Best Budget Electric Scooter(Under $500) 

The electric scooter market today tends to demand top dollar for top performance. This is why the Hiboy S2 is uniquely positioned as an affordable scooter that delivers on power, performance, and practicality. Many e-scooters at the lower end of the market are not reliable and safe and do not offer good warranty conditions. The Hiboy S2 gives you all that and more.

The S2 comes with a 350 W front-drive hub BLDC motor. The motor drives the scooter to a max speed of 19 mph, which is excellent for this electric scooter class. The acceleration is decent, hitting 15 mph in 6.2 seconds. The torquey front motor also did well on our 200 ft 10% test hill, maintaining an average speed of 7 mph to the top.

The S2 e-scooter is equipped with a 36V, 7.8Ah 270Wh battery that charges to full in 6 hours. Fully juiced, the scooter delivered a  12.7 mile impressive range, ridden at full throttle. And when you need to stop, the rear mechanical disc brakes and front electronic regenerative work together to stop the scooter in 14.6 ft from a speed of 15.0 mph. 

The scooter rolls on 9 inch solid tires that may not deliver the most comfortable ride, but they are also puncture-proof, which gives the rider some peace of mind. Thankfully, Hiboy installed a rear dual spring suspension system to absorb some of the jarring from uneven tracks for improved ride quality (one of the differences between this and the ultra-popular Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter). You can also comfortably ride at night thanks to the low-mounted headlight, the deck lights, and a rear fender light. 

The e-scooter comes with additional features to improve the quality of your riding experience. The S2 has a digital display to indicate speed, miles traveled, and battery status. You can pair the electric scooter with the Hiboy App–It’s not as robust as others, but it helps you fine-tune your riding mode, KERS, activate cruise control, turn on the lights, and lock or unlock the scooter.

At its price class, the S2 gives you more than you pay for. It is better than most electric scooters at this price; however, there’s only so much you can expect from a budget electric scooter. You can get the Hiboy for as cheap as $418 when you use our discount code “ESG5”

Looking for the best budget scooter? Since release, the Gotrax series has really upped its game — see this comparison of the Hiboy S2 with the Gotrax G3 and G4.

Check price and availability for the Hiboy S2 in your country.

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NIU KQi2 Pro

NIU KQi2, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 16.3 mph*
Tested range: 15.7 mi*
Weight: 41 lb*
Max rider weight: 220 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Excellent Range Per Dollar
Easy To Ride
Outstanding Ride Quality
Leading Build Quality
Doesn’t Have Zero Start
Long 7 Hour Charging Time

NIU KQi2 Pro, Best All-Around Affordable Scooter, and Best Rising Brand

NIU is just what the doctor ordered for the electric scooter space–a company with over a decade’s worth of experience building electric vehicles and one that promises to deploy that experience in their scooter releases. NIU’s KQi2 Pro is a one-of-a-kind, high-quality, affordable scooter that’s doing a lot more things than we’re used to seeing with more budget-friendly scooters.

The KQi2 Pro electric scooter is slightly more expensive than the Hiboy S2, but there’s a reason for that. The KQi2 Pro is not the fastest and falls behind the S2 in regards to speed and acceleration. The KQi2 Pro’s 300 w motor (600w peak) delivers a max speed of 16 mph and reaches the 15 mph mark in 7.6 seconds. This is about average for its class.

However, the KQi2 Pro really shines in the range department with the best range per pound in its class. The 365 wh of battery power drive the scooter through 16 miles of range in top performance. Riders can also get longer range by riding conservatively. The electric scooter gives you 4-speed limits: Pedestrian capped at 3 mph, Eco Save capped at 9 mph, Sport capped at 16 mph, and Custom, which lets you set the max speed anywhere below Sport mode. 

The ride quality is excellent, thanks to the smooth throttle. It is never abrupt and is comfortable enough for beginner riders. The single-lever operated brakes are also smooth and won’t throw you over the handlebars thanks to the 75 mm front drum brakes that are skid resistant. Together with the rear electronic regenerative brakes, they bring the scooter to a stop in just 14 ft. Thought you need to squeeze firmly to get maximum stopping power.

You get a comfortable ride thanks to the 10 inch tubeless pneumatic tires that are resistant to pinch flats. The KQi2 Pro is designed to NIU’s vehicle-grade standards making the electric scooter stable and completely wobble-free. The remarkable build quality is further seen in the larger and taller handlebars, the ever-on, high-mounted halo headlight, the larger rake angle, the bright dash that’s easy to read in direct sunlight, and the deck that’s fully covered in grip tape. 

Finally, to ensure safety, the KQi2 Pro has no zero start. And out of the box, riders are taken through a tutorial that locks sport mode till the rider can successfully complete the training course on the app. The app also comes in handy when activating cruise control and setting the energy recovery for your braking. Besides that, you get to enjoy a comprehensive 2-year warranty that even covers the battery, motor controller, and dash. 

There’s almost no one the KQi2 isn’t a good fit for, and NIU is a top brand we’re watching this year. They’re notably one of the only NASDAQ-listed micromobility companies and sold 3 million mopeds prior to entering the kick motorized scooter market.

Check price and availability for the NIU KQi2 Pro in your country.

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Anyhill UM-2, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 17.9 mph*
Tested range: 17.0 mi*
Weight: 45 lb*
Max rider weight: 300 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Ultra-Light Removable Battery
Best-in-Class Braking
High Rider Weight Limit
Ultra-Stable (Confidence-Inspiring Ride)
A Few Pounds Heavier Than Comparable Scooters
Stem Shape Not Ideal for Carrying
Display Could be Brighter

ANYHILL UM-2, Best Swappable Battery, Best for Heavy Riders 

Anyhill is one of the new brands to watch out for, and the UM2 is bringing serious competition to resident champs Segway Ninebot Max. This scooter is one of the most aesthetically pleasing releases we’ve seen from a new entrant and integrates many unique features making it stand out in the sub $1,000 category. The center stand is surprisingly effective, and we love the colored dash, though it could be brighter. The folding mechanism is also one-of-a-kind and one that we could get used to as a standard.

However, our favorite thing about the e-scooter is the swappable battery. It is the lightest we’ve seen so far at only 5 lbs, making it easy to carry an extra pack when taking long excursions. It also carries the energy-dense LG 21700 cells, which speak to the quality of the battery life. The battery is easy to swap out and comes with a keyed lock for safety. It is also IPX6 rated to safeguard it from any accidental spills when charging–the rest of the scooter is only IP54 rated. We took the electric scooter out on our range test, and at peak performance, the battery gave us 18 miles of range.

The other selling point for this electric scooter is the fact that this is the lightest electric scooter that we can confidently recommend for heavy riders. The 450 w motor is powerful enough to carry riders weighing up to 300 lbs without lagging in acceleration, compromising the max speed, or completely losing performance when climbing hills. The deck is long and roomy at 19 inches x , with a  38 inch deck to handlebar height, making it extremely comfortable to ride for taller riders and riders with larger feet.

The ride is also extremely stable for riders of any weight. It also comes with exceptional build quality. Riders enjoy a comfortable ride thanks to the  10 inch tubeless air-filled tires. The rear regen and front drum brakes also gave us best-in-class braking, stopping in  10.7 ft from a  15 mph speed. The UM2 reaches a max speed of  and hits the  15 mph mark in just 5.9 seconds, which is another best-in-class. For a new entrant, ANYHILL has definitely done an excellent job.

Check price and availability for the ANYHILL UM-2 in your country.

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Apollo Air Pro

Apollo Air, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 18.8 mph*
Tested range: 17.7 mi*
Weight: 37 lb*
Max rider weight: 220 lb
Water resistance: IPX4


Exceptional Stability and Handling
Striking and Solid Design
Beginner-Friendly Operation
Rear Split Rim Makes Tire Changes Easier
Both Brakes are on the Rear Wheel
Display Could be Brighter
Kickstand is Hard to Deploy

Apollo Air, Best under $1000 

The Apollo Air is an in-house favorite, and that’s saying something, considering the number of e-scooters we’ve had the pleasure of taking out on the road. The Air is not your average boring mid-range scooter. This scooter offers exceptional handling. It feels sporty as the throttle is immediate without being too fast. You can feel how stable the scooter is even in top performance, and you are also able to achieve great cornering on this scooter.

The 350 w motor delivers exceptional performance. The e-scooter travels from 0 to  15 mph in 6 seconds and can reach a top speed of  19 mph. It took the scooter only 21.8 seconds to scale our  200 ft 10% hill while sustaining an average speed of  6 mph. The large 374 wh battery is responsible for a  18 mile range, which is decent enough for this scooter class.

The Apollo Air delivers impeccable ride quality, thanks to the  10 inch grippy pneumatic tires that are complemented by a dual fork front suspension. The deck is also spacious, with a wide front and a tapered back, allowing riders to adopt the most comfortable stance. Night riding is facilitated by the high-mounted headlight and the fender-mounted taillight.

Besides that, the build quality is great. The Air comes with nice grippy handles, strong fenders, a sturdy kickstand that could be easier to deploy but serves its purpose, and the electric scooter is rated IP54. 

There’s good news! The Air is also set to get a massive upgrade for 2022, with a much larger battery capacity and extremely powerful 500W motor while still being under  $1,000. The Air is a top option for entry-level customers that are willing to pay a bit extra for quality–which also includes a great app and top-shelf support. 

Check price and availability for the Apollo Air in your country.

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Unagi Model One (E500)

Unagi Model One, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 20.0 mph*
Tested range: 8.5 mi*
Weight: 29 lb*
Max rider weight: 220 lb
Water resistance: IPX4


Great Rental Service Deal
Excellent Speed and Power for its Lightweight Design
Highly Maneuverable in Dense Urban Environments
Beautiful and Sleek
Premium Materials & Ergonomics
Definitely for Short-Range and Urban Commutes
Focused Far More on Portability Than Suspension

Unagi Model One (E500), Best Urban Commuter, and Best Zero Hassle

Unagi is a well-known brand that has always been about zero hassle and no commitment– beginning with their extremely generous return policies and warranties since they launched in 2018.

In the last few years, they’ve become famous for offering the leading monthly subscription in terms of area of coverage and total units. They offer no contract, and the subscriber can cancel anytime. The subscription starts at $39/month, with all maintenance costs covered and things like theft and damage insurance included for the cheapest prices you’ll find anywhere.

Unagi is currently offering a big incentive to sign up! Also an unprecedented $400 off if you purchase (previous best we’d seen is $200)

The scooter itself is among the very lightest reliable scooters worth buying for everyday riding. It’s intentionally designed, reasonably quick, and a powerful hill-climber. Pound for pound, the Unagi is the best hill climber. You also get zero maintenance tires and regenerative braking. The scooter is not overpowered, so the regen brakes are sufficient. 

But with this carbon-fiber-infused design comes tradeoffs of range and suspension, which is why the Unagi is best scooter in the more urban environment where distances are short, and portability (and style) is king. And with a subscription program that beats most models, this is the perfect electric scooter, especially if you’re just starting out.

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UScooters GT Sport

UScooters GT Sport, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 30.0 mph*
Tested range: 13.8 mi*
Weight: 30 lb*
Max rider weight: 280 lb
Water resistance: IPX5


Fastest Top Speed of Any Lightweight Scooter
App Connectivity
Tested Brand History and Scooter Longevity
More About Utility than Design
Jittery Ride
Though Suspension Helps on Larger Bumps
Relatively Expensive
Braking Could be Better

Uscooters GT Sport, Best Lightweight High-Speed Electric Scooter

Uscooters have one of the longest track records for ultra-lightweight adult electric scooters with the highest power-to-weight ratio. Their electric scooters may be tiny, but they sure pack a punch. Uscooters scooters also have a reputation for reliability bolstered by loyal riders who are happy to show off thousands of miles on their odometers. The GT Sport is a scooter for riders that will prioritize utility and speed over aesthetics–and is a good fit for both beginners and experienced riders.

Uscooters GT Sport is basically the GT SE with E-TWOW’s newest upgraded and technologically advanced sport controller. This upgrade helps the 30 lbs GT Sport reach a max speed of 30 mph, making the GT Sport the fastest scooter in its weight and price class. To add to that, the GT Sport is not only the fastest ultraportable we’ve tested but also the quickest, reaching 15 mph in just 5 seconds flat. The GT Sport climbed our 200 ft, 10% test hill in 12.9 seconds, thanks to the powerful 700 w front motor. It can also support riders weighing up to 275 lbs. 

The GT sport comes with a robust 48 v 10.5 ah bat with energy-dense Samsung cells that improve the scooter’s reliability and performance. In top performance mode, the scooter achieved a 14 mile range, which can be improved by riding conservatively. And for stopping, the scooter makes use of a rear drum brake and a thumb-activated front brake, bringing the scooter to a halt in 6 ft from a speed of 15 mph.

The GT Sport is lean, mean, and tactical, but don’t be intimidated; it’s also easy to ride. It rolls on a pair of 8 inch solid tires that are not as great for ride comfort as pneumatic options. But to compensate for that, Uscooters equips the GT Sport with dual front and rear shocks that are pretty basic but also quite handy in absorbing shocks from large bumps. Over tinier cracks, the ride definitely feels jittery. The deck is average in size, and the stem has a 2-step height adjustment for different height riders.

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EMOVE Cruiser

EMOVE Cruiser, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 30.5 mph*
Tested range: 47.0 mi*
Weight: 59 lb*
Max rider weight: 350 lb
Water resistance: IPX6


Legendary Range
Comfortable for Long Rides
Exceptional Build Quality and Features
Weight is a Little bit on the Higher Side
Accelaration may Feel Sluggish

EMOVE Cruiser, Best Long Range Scooter

We said it before, and we’ll say it again–this can easily be the only scooter you’ll ever need. The EMOVE Cruiser has so much to offer, and at such an incredible price point, there’s literally no comparison scooter in its class. Whether you have the 2020 version or the 2021 upgrade, the EMOVE cruiser is the scooter to have, and we’ll tell you why.

First, this electric scooter delivers the best range value. The Cruiser comes equipped with a 1560 wh battery with energy-dense LG 21700 cells that deliver 20% more energy. The battery powers the scooter through 47 miles of range, with the 2021 Cruiser traveling even further to 50 miles. No other scooter comes close to delivering this much range value, including the monstrous Dualtrons, Kaabos and NAMIs.

To complement the range, the scooter is equipped with a 1000 w single motor that propels the scooter to a max speed of 30.5 mph, reaching 15 mph in 3.8 seconds. In addition, thanks to the long wheelbase, the low center of gravity, and the semi-hydraulic brakes, the scooter is able to stop reliably–it stops from 15 mph in just 10.4 ft.

A long-range scooter is nothing without considerations for ride quality. The ride feels good, thanks to the flat-resistant 10 inch tubeless pneumatics and the dual spring, front and rear suspension with enough travel to soak up any form of jarring. The deck is also the longest we’ve ever seen at 23 inches x 8 inches, which allows virtually all riding stances. The scooter also has the highest rider weight limit on a single motor scooter at 353 lbs, which makes it pretty accommodative.

You can also ride the Cruiser almost all year long, thanks to the IPX6 rating, which is one of the highest levels of water protection on a scooter. The fenders are excellent, keeping splashes from the rider’s feet. And thanks to the embedded deck lights, the low-mounted headlights, the turn signals, and dedicated brake light, riders can also enjoy the entirety of the mileage, day or night, and feel a little safer on the road.

The scooter also comes with all possible mods you’d want to spruce up your riding experience, and it now comes in 5 vibrant colors. We really weren’t kidding when we called it the only scooter you’ll ever need. 

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Kaabo Mantis V2

Kaabo Mantis V2, Electric Scooter Guide
Tested top speed: 37.3 mph*
Tested range: 27.2 mi*
Weight: 66 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: IPX5


Sinewave Motor Controllers For Smooth Acceleration
Excellent Price For Performance Ratio
Hydraulic Braking System
Improved Fender Protection
Throttle Ergonomics Are Not The Best
Display Could Be Brighter
Not The Best Front Suspension

Kaabo Mantis V2, Standard Setter

No dual motor electric scooter list would be complete without the Kaabo Mantis V2, so we had to include it though there are a number of better performing scooters around this price range. This scooter is a standard setter for the industry, and the V2 recently came out as a base version that exceeds the performance of the former, and more expensive, Pro model.

The Mantis is a well-rounded, excellent-value performer, but there are things that stand out for us. There’s the sine wave controllers that give the scooter amazingly smooth acceleration. The V2 also comes with a large LG or Samsung 1092Wh battery, which is responsible for the scooter’s 27.2 miles range. 

The scooter also delivers great ride quality thanks to the wobble free stem, the 10 inch x 3 inch tires, and the dual front and rear spring suspension. Riders also get to enjoy the unmatched of Zoom hydraulic dual braking system and the safety features comprising a full lighting profile that includes turn signals. The added rear wheel hugger fender also complements the IPX5 water resistance rating to ensure that both you and your scooter are protected when riding through puddles.

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Apollo City Pro

Apollo City Pro, Electric Scooter Guide
Tested top speed: 30.9 mph*
Tested range: 22.7 mi*
Weight: 66 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: IP66


Variable Regen Braking
Flat-proof 10” Pneumatic Tires
Clean Integrated Design
Highest IP Rating in our Database
Ultra-Short Charging Time
Deck Hook Doesn’t Stay Latched
Turn Signals Aren’t visible From the Front
Some May Find it Pricy

Apollo City Pro 2022, Best Integrated Design, Best Rain or Shine Scooter

Following two years of painstaking in-house design, Canadian scooter company Apollo shows us there’s more to life than just top speed and range with their gorgeous Apollo City Pro. As one of the performance models built on the Apollo 2.0 platform, this quality scooter benefits from Apollo’s experience in software and hardware design and their move to deploying proprietary parts that they guarantee will have a huge impact on efficiency and reliability.

The scooter has a very clean design–the parts come together with fewer nuts and bolts. Apollo also pays attention to detail to what really matters to riders, like the taller handlebars for bigger riders; wear-proof drum brakes that require no adjusting, are less likely to lock up, and work just as well in wet weather; a solid kickstand that is quite easy to deploy and some of the most solid fenders we’ve seen. The IP56 water resistance rating also has riders excited about the possibility of all-season riding, as it is one of the best waterproof ratings that we’ve seen on a scooter. 

Apollo also gives us 10 inch flat-proof tires that we tested and confirmed work as advertised. Together with the full spring suspension, you get great ride quality. The full-featured app also gives riders more value, with inclusions like a range remaining counter that we found to work quite well. And like a Tesla, the app just keeps getting more features after you download it. The City Pro also integrates a full lighting profile, which includes turn signals–they come with buttons that are within reach when riding, which is quite convenient.

The City Pro is also a performer with dual 500 W motors with 2000 w peak motor power. They are responsible for a max speed of 31 mph. The smooth but powerful throttle also hits the 15 mph mark in just 2.9 seconds. On the other hand, The 648 wh battery delivers a decent range of 23 miles.

And though priced on the higher end, everything about this scooter feels so well thought out, and the Apollo City will make you look forward to your commute and the weekend. 

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Kaabo Wolf Warrior X

Wolf Warrior X, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 44.1 mph*
Tested range: 32.0 mi*
Weight: 80 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: IPX5


Excellent Low-Light Visibility
Great Stability and Handling
Top-Notch Ride Quality
The Folded Footprint Can Fit A Sedan Trunk
Flimsy Ambient Lights
Uncomfortable Throttle
Display is Dim

Wolf Warrior X (Base Model), Best <$2,000 and Best Offroad

Under $2,000, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better than Wolf Warrior X (Base Model). Surprisingly, given a choice between the Base Model and the Pro, we’d still go for the base Warrior X, as it delivers better performance and ride quality than its bigger and more expensive successor–besides the range, that is. We think of the Wolf Warrior X as the quiet industry leader, ranking in the top percentile against other scooters in all our performance tests.

The Wolf Warrior takes everything good about the world’s most famous all-terrain beast, the Wolf Warrior 11+, and packs it into a 30 lbs lighter scooter (80 lbs). As an off-road beast, the Warrior needs power and a sturdy build to withstand the rigors of off-roading. The dual 1100 w motors deliver sufficient power and are controlled by an efficient pair of 30 A sinewave controllers (the Pro’s are rated 27 A). The controllers are responsible for the quiet, efficient, and smooth ride throttle experience. 

The scooter accelerates to 15 mph in just 2.1 seconds and hits a top speed of 44 mph. This is the highest speed limit on a scooter under $2,000 and quite impressive for a light heavyweight. The power is also evident when climbing hills–the Warrior X maintained an average speed of 17.5 mph when scaling our 200 ft 10% hill grade. This puts the Warrior X in the top 10 fastest scooters for hill climbing.

The ride quality is sustained by the exemplary build quality. First, the scooter comes with slimed 10 inch x 3 inch street tires, with the option for dedicated dirt tires. To further smoothen out offtrack imperfections, the scooter comes with powerful dual stem front and rear spring/ polyurethane suspension. The Warrior X also comes with Kaabo’s signature dual stem, greatly improving stability and handling. The handlebars are also taller to accommodate bigger riders.

The 1680 wh battery with energy-dense LG battery cells provides enough power in difficult terrain and can power the scooter through 32 miles of range. The Warrior X also relies on a set of Zoom hydraulic disc brakes that deliver best-in-class stopping in 9.9 ft from a speed of 15 mph . The lighting is signature Kaabo, and the dual headlight setup is still one of the best, ensuring that your track is well lit, while the bright turn signals ensure other road users have a visual of your intention on the road. Just be careful with the plastic deck lights–and we recommend extending the rear fender if you ride in the rain.

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NAMI BURN-E 2, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 43.8 mph*
Tested range: 49.1 mi*
Weight: 101 lb*
Max rider weight: 330 lb
Water resistance: IP55


Great Bang For The Buck
Comfortable Ride
Exotic Looks
Dead Zone On The Throttle
Potential Finger Pinch-Point When Lifting The Scooter
Short Brake Cable

NAMI BURN-E 2, Best Exotic Performance

The original BURN-E blew us away in 2021 with its hand-welded aluminum frame, carbon fiber stem, ultra-smooth ride, and of course, by breaking 13 ESG performance records. The BURN-E 2 blows us away now for value; it may be the coolest scooter you can buy for under $3,500. It’s the iPhone SE of exotic performance scooters. It retains 90% of the performance of the original, 100% of the ride quality, and good looks, but for 70% of the money. 

We love everything from the comfortable wide handlebars to the sturdy hand-welded frame and the carbon fiber stem. The BURN-E 2 also comes with an enormous deck to further exemplify riding stances. And as the scooter rolls on the 11 inch TUOVVT tires, you can really feel that NAMI ride quality. The comfortable ride is also complemented by the adjustable front and rear suspension that allows you to dial in damping based on your weight, riding style, and terrain. The adjustable steering damper then comes in to complement the sturdy welded tubular frame to improve stability and handling. 

The BURN-E 2 runs on dual 1500 w motors and allows riders to independently control motor output to the motors for a customized ride experience outside of the 5 dedicated riding modes. The scooter goes from a dead stop to 15 mph in just 1.8 seconds, which is the best in class and can hit a top speed of 44 mph. There’s a dead zone on the thumb throttle at the start of travel that can be rectified by anchoring your thumb when riding. And for stopping power, the scooter adopts Logan 2 piston hydraulics that delivers better performance than the Original BURN-E’s Nutt brakes and brings the scooter to a stop in 10.3 ft from 15 mph.

The only thing we wish the BURN-E 2 had done a better job with is the generic 2016 Wh battery that delivers 49.1 miles of range, but generic batteries are not long-term efficient or durable. Regardless, for the price you pay, you get way more than you pay for, and the BURN-E 2 steals the day any day.

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Kaabo Wolf King GT

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 61.0 mph*
Tested range: 55.0 mi*
Weight: 125 lb*
Max rider weight: 330 lb
Water resistance: IPX5


Fastest Production Scooter On The Market
Second Longest Range Ever Tested
Unmatched High-Speed Stability
Uncompromised Braking
Industry-Leading Lighting
Even For A Heavyweight
Sidestand Is Still An Ankle Hazard
Deck Height And Ergonomics Could Be Improved

Wolf King GT Pro, Speed Champion, and Industry Icon

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 was voted the best Beast Scooter in the world, not just once but twice. Then came the similar but much faster Wolf King, and maybe we’ll add more iconic. The third generation King GT Pro is a different animal and everything a flagship scooter should be. It over-delivers on every front, and when it came out, it broke 5 ESG performance records.

For perspective, the Wolf King GT breaks the record for:

  • Fastest production scooter in the World. The King GT Pro still holds the record for this, reaching a max speed of 61 mph.
  • 2nd longest range ever tested. Thanks to the enormous 72V 35 Ah, 2520 wh Samsung or LG battery, the scooter travels an impressive maximum range of 55 miles in top performance mode.
  • Best high-speed stability of any electric scooter, which can be attributed to Kaabo’s signature dual forks. The dual stem design makes the GT Pro more stable at 60 miles per hour than most other scooters when at a speed of 40 mph.
  • World’s best flat-proof tubeless air-filled tires at 11 inch x 4 inch(you’ve never seen tires like these before)
  • Best color, anti-glare TFT display

There’s more. The Wolf King GT Pro delivers the third-fastest acceleration to 15 mph in 1.8 seconds. The smooth ride and progressive acceleration is courtesy of Kaabo’s adoption of sine wave controllers. It also has the third fastest hill climb speed, maintaining a speed of 21 mph on our 200 ft10% hill grade test. And for stopping, the GT Pro comes equipped with Zoom Hydraulics with 3mm thick rotors that stop the e-scooter from 15 mph in 10.0 ft. 

The GT Pro also has an IPX5 resistance rating, with further proofing for the sensitive components. This means you can get caught up in light showers and not fry the electronics. You can also take your e-scooter out in low light, thanks to the Kaabo lights that are so good that they’ve become the standard by which we judge other e-scooters. The dual suspension is also among the very best. 

One downside to keep in mind is the King GT’s weight. Coming in at an ESG-certified 125 lbs, it is the heaviest scooter we’ve tested, and moving it around won’t be easy. 

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Segway GT2

Segway GT2, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 41.8 mph*
Tested range: 32.9 mi*
Weight: 116 lb*
Max rider weight: 330 lb
Water resistance: IPX4


Impressive Stability
World-Class Ride Comfort
Next-Level Aesthetics
Large And Comfortable Deck
Innovative Traction Control
Range Per Pound Is Below Average
Top Speed Is Not Too Impressive

Segway GT2-Most Innovative

The world’s biggest scooter company released its first dual-motor scooter, and what a masterpiece! The Segway GT2 is a great scooter that brings you the perfect blend of performance, innovation, ride quality and build quality. We also can’t get enough of the aesthetics as this is one of the most sophisticated-looking scooters we have on the market–it almost looks like an underpowered, mid-range scooter from its put-together look. But no–this is a beast scooter and one of the most futuristic ones.

There are no parts out of place on this scooter. Everything comes together to form a scooter that looks like it was machine cut from a single piece of metal. And at the center of the aesthetics is the PM OLED display that looks like the heads-up display on a fighter jet. The quality of the user interface really can’t be put to words. It is bright and can be read in all light conditions, displaying all the essential riding metrics. Additionally, every function you need is within easy reach, including instant-on cruise control.

Alongside the display is the motorcycle-style twist throttle that is so effective we’re begging other manufacturers to adopt the design. The throttle is one of the smoothest on a beast scooter. Rather than come on abruptly, it starts smoothly and then quickly builds up. The GT2 is able to reach 15 mph in just 1.9 seconds, which is the fourth fastest we’ve tested. It maintains the acceleration curve and is the 5th fastest to 30 mph. You can also unleash the full range of the 6000w peak power by double-tapping the Boost mode button to get an instant supply of power to essentially ‘boost’ your speed.

Another first is Segway’s Dynamic Traction Control System which works so efficiently that you’d need to turn it off to realize how well it serves your riding, especially over loose ground. By regulating power to the wheels based on the spin, the scooter is able to establish traction and move effortlessly through uneven terrain. Coupled with the efficient hydraulic brakes (and no regenerative braking), you have more than enough control over your ride at all times–the scooter is able to stop in 9.4 ft from 15 mph, the 3rd best scooter we’ve tested. 

The scooter is one of the most comfortable and stable we’ve experienced, thanks to the 11 inch by 4 inch tires, the long wheelbase, the 18-degree rake angle, and the 15-level adjustable suspension comprising an aesthetically pleasing front double wishbone and the rear trailing arm. The deck is also uniquely and ergonomically designed with a front foot pocket that provides extra fender protection and a wedged footrest on the rear end.

Check price and availability for the Segway GT2 in your country.

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Honorable Mentions

Our list could only accommodate 13 electric scooters for the primary spots, including everything from $400 to $4,000 and a whole range of use cases. Not all good scooters could make it on such a short list, but we have some honorable mentions to give respect where it’s due.

Vsett 10+

VSett 10+, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 43.3 mph*
Tested range: 33.6 mi*
Weight: 80 lb*
Max rider weight: 290 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Superior Hydraulic Damping From Rear Shock
First Stem Ever To Receive An A++
Best-In-Class Acceleration
Short Usable Deck
Display Is Dim
Ergonomics Generally Could Be Better

Vsett 10+, Quick Mid-Tier Performance

The Vsett 10+ is the self-proclaimed king of the mid-range category. It is a light heavyweight that delivers a stellar performance. The 2800 w peak power delivers a best-in-class acceleration from 0-30 mph in 5.3 seconds. It also reaches an amazing top speed of 43 mph given its weight and can travel as far as 34 miles. The ride quality is good thanks to the rear hydraulic spring shocks and a wonderfully stiff stem. It also comes with industry-leading front and rear lights for uncompromised night visibility.

This award-worthy e-scooter gets bumped from champion to honorable mention because of its short deck, awkward throttle, and brake ergonomics. However, a matching hydraulic front shock would have been enough to nudge it back onto the best list.

Check price and availability for the Vsett 10+ in your country.

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Okai Neon Pro, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 20.5 mph*
Tested range: 26.8 mi*
Weight: 47 lb*
Max rider weight: 220 lb
Water resistance: IP55


Modern LCD Display and Cool Lighting Features
Excellent Build Quality
Excellent Folding Mechanism
Lack of Suspension (Though it Makes Up For it in Some Ways)
Stopping Distance Could Be Better

Okai Neon Pro (ES20), New Rider, Ninebot Max Alternative

The Neon Pro is a new electric scooter that is the beefier version of the Okai Neon. Okai is the leading shared scooter manufacturer in the world, having made millions of e-scooters, making them a strong bet for safety and reliability. We like the Neon’s build quality, new-rider-friendly design, and unique features like its stem light. It also comes with an IP55 rating, a customizable LCD display, and a robust companion app. It is also a decent performer, reaching a top speed of 16 mph with a 14 mile tested range. The new Neon Pro introduces a new powerful motor and a huge battery with Samsung 21700 cells that could very well make it the Segway Ninebot Max killer.

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EMOVE RoadRunner

EMOVE RoadRunner, Electric Scooter Guide
Tested top speed: 35.5 mph*
Tested range: 33.0 mi*
Weight: 63 lb*
Max rider weight: 330 lb
Water resistance: None


Excellent Max Speed
Intuitive To Use
Well-Executed Swappable Battery
An Intangible "Can't Stop Riding" Factor
Front Fenders Don't Keep Off Most Splashes
The Seat Could Be More Comfortable
Not The Best Front Suspension

EMOVE Roadrunner, Best Seated Scooter, and Most Addictive

It looks like an e-bike at first sight, but it’s not. It’s the best-seated e-scooter and the most addictive to ride; it should come with a warning label. Acceleration is endless, carrying you to an impressive 36 mph, but also surprisingly smooth considering it has differently rated dual motors–it gets you to 15 mph in 3.9 seconds. 

Besides the seat, it also comes with a front suspension for a bumpy free ride and 15 inch tires that roll easily over obstacles and provide good handling. The handlebars are also height adjustable to accommodate a wider range of riders. The icing on the cake is that the 48 v 1252 wh battery is removable, with each swap giving you 33 miles or more and only weighing 15 lbs. The Roadrunner is rapid transportation for anyone. It is great for delivery or just bombing around town. 

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UScooters Booster V

UScooters Booster V, Electric Scooter Guide
Tested top speed: 23.9 mph*
Tested range: 12.6 mi*
Weight: 26 lb*
Max rider weight: 280 lb
Water resistance: None


Good Range for Weight
Low-Maintenance and Durable
Small Tires
Lackluster Brakes

Uscooters Booster V, Best Portable Utility

Uscooters are known for their ultra-lightweight electric scooters, and none gets lighter and more space-efficient than the Uscooters Booster V. It is ultraportable at 25 pounds and stands at only 3.0 ft long, making it one of the best commuter options. The Booster V also delivers sufficient performance for commuting, riding to a top speed of 24 mph and reaching 15 mph in 12.6 seconds. The 36 V 10.5 battery also gives you 13 miles of range. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the convenience of the patented airless tires and the average ride comfort facilitated by the front and rear suspension.

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Inokim OXO

Inokim OXO, Electric Scooter Guide
Tested top speed: 36.7 mph*
Tested range: 36.6 mi*
Weight: 75 lb*
Max rider weight: 260 lb
Water resistance: None


Great Braking System
Awesome Rubber Suspension
Outstanding Range
Superbly Built
Frustrating Throttle Response
Hard Plastic Deck
No Zero Start

Inokim OXO, Safe Scooter With Real Intangible Factor

Inokim is an industry OG, producing quality scooters in mass ever since 2013, and the OXO is an attention hog with its luxurious exotic looks. It is the flashiest electric scooter we’ve tested–it looks flawless, with a stellar and cohesive build quality that makes it very desirable. But it’s not just the looks that should make you consider getting the OXO. We call this the safest scooter because it broke and has sustained the record for braking. The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes bring the OXO to a stop in just 8.6 ft from 15 mph.

The braking power is necessary, given that the scooter is quite fast, reaching a top speed of 37 mph. The throttle is also quite smooth for a performance scooter, reaching 15 mph in 3.8 seconds and sustaining a smooth acceleration curve. Riders will also enjoy the 2-way adjustable rubber suspension that is not as bouncy as spring suspension, therefore keeping the wheels strapped to the ground for excellent traction on all surfaces.

Check price and availability for the Inokim OXO in your country.

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These are Scooters to Watch Out for Coming Within the Year!

There are some electric scooters that we’ve not tested (at least thoroughly yet), but they have enough buzz around them to make them a must-watch-out-for in the coming year.


Taur, Electric Scooter Guide

Taur hopes to become one of the core premium brands in the market. The e-scooter is a big teaser for a whole bunch of innovations like the 5-way thumb-controlled joystick for the horn, lights, cruise, modes, etc. The fender has a 100-lumen rear projection light that shines on the rider’s back. The bullhorn handlebars also deliver more than aesthetics–they also allow the folded scooter to stand in a vertical position when stored. We rode the prototype and enjoyed it, and with even more features to anticipate, the portable and mono-tube design TAUR is definitely on our watchlist.

Taur just released a super clean 3 minute video to tell you what they’re all about. It’s gorgeous, funny, and spot-on narrative-wise.

Bo M

Bo M, Electric Scooter Guide

We don’t know what to think of the Bo M yet and eagerly anticipate our early unit. We rode a prototype in Amsterdam and spoke at length with their insightful founders. There’s an uphill battle for the $2,400, gorgeous, M, but there is definitely a market for these and other future brands thinking along those lines. Regardless, with its non-folding monocoque frame, self-centering steering, and take on suspension, it will surely turn heads. The style is meant to attract riders that would have never considered e-scooters previously, with the most futuristic and minimalistic design on the market.

Aike T (by Comodule)

Aike T, Electric Scooter Guide

We also spoke with Kristjan, Co-Founder of Comodule and CEO of brand new subsidiary Aike, in Amsterdam, about his new electric scooter company, which made its debut only days ago. What’s most interesting here is the company and eccentric founder backing Aike is the fact that it’s made in Europe, not China, and that you charge it with a USB-C cable. We still can’t wrap our minds around that, but we can’t wait to review the $1,000 Aike T.

Apollo Phantom V3

Apollo Phantom V2 Shown (not V3), Electric Scooter Guide

Apollo has big things in store for 2023 with two of our most anticipated scooters–the new Apollo Pro and the Apollo Phantom V3. We’re expecting the Phantom V3 launch with Ludo mode.

Apollo Pro

Apollo Pro, Electric Scooter Guide

On the other hand, the aspirational Apollo Pro is set to bring us 12 inch tires and integrates your phone as the display. With the progress Apollo has made with this year’s releases, we’re as sure that these electric scooters will shake up the performance category.

TurboAnt X7 Pro

Turboant X7 Pro, Electric Scooter Guide

This is not a new scooter, but it is timeless. It is a lightweight machine, and also the best budget electric scooter with a removable battery. The tested range is 15 miles but doubles to 31 miles with a quick battery swap. It also delivers on top speed at 20 mph, and acceleration is good considering its small 350W motor. The scooter doesn’t come with suspension but delivers good ride quality thanks to the 10 inch tires. The design is also well above average, making this a reliable electric scooter that will never go out of style.

Best Electric Scooters 2022-23

Our list has been 3.5 years in the making, and we invest the time and resources to hands-on test electric scooters, so you don’t have to struggle so much when trying to find the best one for you. We’ve given as many options as possible since what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the other. Our rankings are also the most unbiased you’ll come across in the electric scooter world! We’re actually one of the only companies in all of electric vehicles (not just electric scooters) that actually verifies stats with testing at all, let alone the professional equipment we use.

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