Minimotors Dualtron X Limited: The House of ‘X’cess Did It Again!

Dualtron X limited Profile

Drum rolls, please!

Information reaching our desks is that a really big X is coming, and he’s a tonne better than your previous X. No? Okay!

Voro Motors has just announced the arrival of the new Dualtron X Limited, and here are our impressions!

This X is Massive

If you haven’t seen the Dualtron X before, then you’ll just have to take our word for it when we say this scooter is huge. In fact, photos don’t do it any justice either. The 13 inch tires make the rest of the scooter look smaller than it actually is. You need to see it to get it, but you can trust us to paint it in words, inch for inch.

Then there’s the weight. The X2 weighs 145 lbs, and we’re already slightly overwhelmed by it. But Dualtron, a.k.a., The House of Excess, did not mind adding a whopping 38 lbs to bring the weight of the Dualtron X Limited to 183 lbs. In comparison (or no comparison, really), this is 6.5 Unagi scooters.

Also, out with the stout, chess-board-shaped deck of the X and X2, and in with a 5 inches longer. The importance of a large deck cannot be emphasized enough, especially with the sheer amount of power on this scooter, which we should discuss next. A longer deck also makes the scooter look less awkward when fitted with the optional seat. 

E = mc2, but E also Equals X Limited

How much power is too much power? According to Dualtron, we guess it’s never enough. Why not take an already sufficient 72 V and up that to 84 V. After all, it works for the Dualtron Storm and a couple of Rion scooters. And they didn’t stop there.

They’ve also bumped the maximum current from 50amps to 70 amps per controller in boost mode, bringing peak power to twelve thousand watts! The power output on this scooter is simply insane! As stated earlier, when you have this much power, you really need a wide stance to keep your balance. 

Rewriting Themselves in the History Books

They were already leading, but there’s nothing wrong with breaking your own records if no one else is willing to or shows interest.

That said, our former battery champ was the Dualtron X2. The Dualtron X Limited has a battery that is 66% bigger, rated at 5040 Watt Hours! To understand just how grand that is, the Dualtron X Limited’s battery is 9 times that of the Ninebot Max. 

With a bigger battery, we expect divine range. Minimotors says the X Limited can go 105 miles. We believe that if we took it out on our punishing ESG range test course, the scooter could do about 80 miles–90 miles. 

Needless to say, this would be an entirely new performance class. Not even the Thunder II or the Wolf King GT Pro comes close.

Minimotors Dualtron X Limited Technical Specifications

Motor 2x2000W BLDC Hub Motors
Battery5040Wh LG 80V 60Ah
Controller50A Square Wave- Max 70A
Top Speed (claimed)68 mph
Range (claimed)106 Miles
Weight (claimed)183 lbs
BrakesFront and Rear Hydraulic Brakes With 4 Piston Callipers
Tires13 inch x 3 inch Ultrawide Tubeless Pneumatics
SuspensionDual Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension – Adjustable to 19 different Settings
Unfolded Dimension57 inches x 26 inches x 55 inches
Folded Dimension57 inches x 14 inches x 31 inches
LightsAmbient lighting, Front and Rear Lights, Brake lights, Indicators
AccessoriesDamper, Seat(same as the X and X2), Electric Horn

Dualtron Lights Unlimited

It’s a Christmas party year round with the Dualtron X Limited’s 100 Watts of LED headlights, auxiliary lights, ambient lights, logo light…

The front lighting consists of three 30W main headlights and two 5W auxiliary lights with cleverly integrated turn signals. We (conservatively) estimate that these lights collectively shoot 8000 lumens down the road ahead. 

To put in perspective–the Dualtron X limited’s lights equal 8 top-tier aftermarket riding lights. And it’s a good thing seeing as the X is speculated to go faster than anything we’ve seen.

The rest of the scooter lights up just as spectacularly and we can’t wait to record that for you.

Safety is Redundant

It’s safety first or hospital next with a scooter this powerful. 

Good thing the brakes on the X limited have been upgraded to 4-piston calipers. The rotor diameter and thickness aren’t specified, but they need to be massive to efficiently stop this 183 lbs beast.

Notorious for not providing IP ratings, Dualtron lists the X limited’s rating as TBD (to be determined). But do we really care to ride this powerful, 12 kW beast of a scooter in any sort of downpour?

Damping should be as good as in the former, if not better, given the newfound power. Heat dissipation should also be upped since the scooter is clearly not playing around with its power stats.

Good Riddance to the EY3

The bane of our existence just up and went. Can you tell we didn’t like the outdated display Dualtron insisted on retaining long after it wasn’t cool or exciting to have?

Don’t get us wrong, it still worked, but only barely, in comparison to what other brands have been giving us.

That said, the EY4 has been worth the wait if the description is anything to go by. We’ve not seen it yet, but if the anti-glare coating is what we think it is, this could be the best display ever. And a widescreen display with a separate accelerator–Go, X!

Extremely Buttery Ride

In the spirit of being extra, the Dualtron X Limited also comes with 13 inch ultrawide tubeless tires. The ride quality is expected to be out of this world, as is the handling, thanks to the wider contact patch with the track. 

But we’re also stoked to see how the thicker spring in the damping reduces excess jumping to achieve a more stable ride.

Never Have I Ever, Played With an X…At Least Just Yet.

We are waiting in eager anticipation to do a full performance test on the Dualtron X Limited as soon as Voro is able to send us one. This will, of course, include a land-speed-record-style two-direction speed run, which cancels out the effect of a headwind to find the true top speed!

Is “Beast Scooter” is enough to describe a scooter like this? We may need a new category. Monster Scooter?

What do you think about the Dualtron X Limited? Let us know on our discussion forum.



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