Ultimate Minimotors Dualtron Scooter Guide

This Ultimate MiniMotors Dualtron Scooter Review is your guide to some of the world’s most powerful and fastest electric scooters — the Dualtron line! Read on to learn about the features and comparisons of all the Dualtron electric scooters. 

Ultimate Dualtron Summary

MiniMotors: The Father of Dualtron Scooters

MiniMotors is the oldest and most storied brand in electric scooter history.  Founded in 1999 in Busan South Korea, MiniMotors began by selling motor boards and senior-style electric scooters.  It was really nothing like the company we know today.

Fast forward a few years to 2009 and MiniMotors makes its first foray into electric motorsports with the release of a 4-wheel electric all-terrain-vehicle.  This is where the modern company, as we know it today, begins to be formed.  By 2014, MiniMotors had begun production and release of its well-known Speedway line.  Finally, it was in 2015 that MiniMotors made history — release of the world’s first dual-motor ‘Dualtron’ electric scooter.

Today we know MiniMotors as the company that, for nearly two decades, has been a leader and innovator of electric scooter technology.  They make the world’s most powerful and durable electric scooters and have the numbers to back it. MiniMotors has achieved a cult-like following from its promotors.  On our own recent survey, MiniMotors received a 4.7/5, the highest brand satisfaction score of any electric scooter manufacturer.

Dualtron Scooter Review

Dualtron Comparison Table

Range50 mi37 mi74 mi74 mi74 mi>90 mi
Weight70 lb44 lb79 lb81 lb95 lb124 lb
Top speed40 mph50 mph40 mph50 mph50 mph>55 mph
Motor1700 W1320 W1600 W2400 W2700 W3360 W
Battery1260 Wh1050 Wh1658 Wh2072 Wh2060 Wh2940 Wh
Tires8 in10 in10 in10 in11 in13 in
BrakesDrumDiscSemi-hydraulic discHydraulic discHydraulic discHydraulic disc
Max Weight260 lb220 lb260 lb260 lb260 lb>300 lb

Common Features of Dualtron Scooters

Though the Dualtron line encompasses a taxonomy of electric scooters starting at 44 lbs with 1320 watt motors and stretches all the way up to the 110 lbs Dualtron X with its 3370-watt motors, they all share some common features.

Dualtron EYE LCD Display / Throttle

Schematic of Dualtron LCD throttle
The Dualtron EYE LCD throttle: a functional cross between a VCR and TimeX watch

The EYE Throttle is one of the defining features of the Dualtron scooter line, though similar ones have found their way onto some scooters like the Zero.

This display has proven very functional and is a cross between a TimeX digital watch and old-style VCR. Adjusting it is not the most intuitive and the different functions are labeled as P0, P1, P2, etc.  This means that you need to have memorized what these mean, or have a manual handy when you’re setting it up. The integrated throttle is controlled by a single index finger which can become surprisingly tiring after riding for a while. Additionally, you can inadvertently accelerate if you squeeze down to tighten your grip and handlebars and catch the accelerator. Our hopes are that someday MiniMotors will modernize this control into something that is a bit more intuitive to use and possibly integrate the accelerator into a twist grip motocross-style accelerator. However, those things said, the EYE LCD throttle is still one of the very best available on in electric scooters today. 

Dualtron Rubber Cartridge Suspension

Dualtron scooters (with the exception of the Dualtron X) feature a tunable suspension that can be adjusted by swapping in different rubber cartridges. This allows for a totally tunable ride. For example, by swapping in a stiff cartridge you can optimize the scooter for smooth, fast road riding. On rougher terrain, you can swap in a softer cartridge to take more punishment from bumps.

Dualtron Stem Wobble

All MiniMotors Dualtron scooters suffer from so-called “stem wobble” due to the design of their folding stem mechanism and long lever-arm stems. The result is that even when the scooter is unfolded and locked into place, the handlebars will have a bit of play or looseness in them — this is what we call the wobble. Unfortunately, this is a minor, but one of the most glaring and disappointing issues with Dualtron electric scooters. It makes an otherwise quality scooter seem cheap and poorly designed.

Dualtron Spider

  • Range: 37 miles
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Top speed: 40 mph
  • Motor: Dual 1320 watts
  • Battery: 1050 watt hours
  • Brakes: Dual mechanical disc
  • Max weight: 220 pounds
  • Tires: 10″ x 2″ pneumatic tube

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The Spider is the most basic and entry-level Dualtron electric scooter.  At 44 lbs, it has the distinction of being the lightest Dualtron model, but still packs dual 1320 watt brushless DC electric motors and 1050 watt-hour battery built from premium LG MG1 cells.  Minimotors R&D can be commended for shaving every possible pound from the Spider and is the only Dualtron model to use carbon fiber. The dual rubber suspension and supple 10″ x 2″ pneumatic inner-tube   

The Spider folds to a moderate 44″ x 10″ x 19″ and is practical for everyday use.

Finally, the Dualtron Spider is one of the most popular high-performance electric scooters and parts, repair information, and upgrades are widely available.  Learn more about Dualtron Spider upgrades and modifications.

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Comparison to other Dualtrons

The Dualtron Spider is substantially lighter, less expensive, and has shorter range compared to other Dualtron models.  It also has the smallest tire size, lowest battery capacity and fully-mechanical disc brakes (as opposed to semi-hydraulic or hydraulic ones).

All those things said, the Dualtron Spider is the most commuter-oriented Dualtron. You could actually load it onto a train or subway without giving yourself a hernia.

Dualtron Compact

  • Range: 50 miles
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Top speed: 50 mph
  • Motor: Dual 1700 watts
  • Battery: 1260 watt-hours
  • Brakes: Dual integrated drum
  • Max weight: 260 pounds
  • Tires: 8″ solid

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The Dualtron Compact represents a significant and interesting departure from every other Dualtron mode.  Firstly, the scooter features 8″ solid (airless) tires with integrated drum brakes.  The scooter has powerful dual 1700 watt motors and a deep capacity 1260 watt battery pack. 

Comparison to other Dualtrons

The Dualtron Compact represents a significant and interesting departure from every other Dualtron mode.  Firstly, the scooter features 8″ solid (airless) tires with integrated drum brakes.  The scooter has powerful dual 1700 watt motors and a deep capacity 1260 watt battery pack. 

Dualtron III

MiniMotors Dualtron 3
  • Range: 74 miles
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • Top speed: 40 mph
  • Motor: Dual 1600 watts
  • Battery: 1658 watt hours
  • Brakes: Dual semi-hydraulic disc
  • Max weight: 260 pounds
  • Tires: 10″ x 3″ pneumatic tubeless

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The Dualtron III is in a completely different class compared to the Dualtron Spider.  Whereas the Dualtron Spider is civil enough to be a masquerade as hard-core daily commuting machine, the Dualtron 3 is a serious high performance electric scooter.

The Dualtron III –packing dual 1600 watt brushless DC electric motors—  has insane acceleration from a standstill and easily roars all the way up to its top speed of 40 mph.  It savages hills and its 1658 watt hour LG battery pack gives it the endurance to travel up to 74 miles on a single charge.

We like to think of the Dualtron III as the start of the really fun Dualtron scooters.

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Dualtron III vs Dualtron Spider

The Dualtron 3 is a big step up from the Dualtron Spider.  It is more powerful, nearly double the weight but also has double the range.  The semi-hydraulic brakes are a nice upgrade compared to the Dualtron Spider’s fully mechanical ones.  You’ll find the braking to be much stronger for the effort and more finely controlled, despite it still being under cable activation.  The Dualtron 3 has wider 10″ x 3″, higher performance pneumatic tubeless tires compared to the Spider’s 10″ x 2″ pneumatic inner tube tires. This improves stability at speed and will give you greatly improved traction, especially off-road.  Finally, the Dualtron 3 incorporates folding aluminum handlebars and a built-in latch compared to the Spider’s non-folding carbon fiber ones.

Dualtron 3 (III) vs Dualtron Spider

If you’re considering a Dualtron 3, it’s worth also thinking about the Zero 10X, a legitimate contender. 

The Zero 10X has similar weight, tires, and range — yet is  a fraction of the cost — compared to the Dualtron. Like the Dualtron, the Zero 10X has great build quality and is from a reputable brand with reputable distributors.

The Zero 10X even bests the Dualtron 3 with its max rider weight of 330 lbs and is the definite winner in terms of power — it has dual 1000 W motors compared to the Dualtron 3’s 800 W. During the recent electric scooter roadtrip, the Zero 10X and Dualtron 3 went head-to-head and the Zero 10X definitely has more torque and acceleration.

However, the Dualtron 3 will give the longer range of the two due to its significantly larger battery (rated 1658 watt hours compared to the Zero’s 1248 watt hours).

Learn more:  Zero 10X Review.

Dualtron Ultra

Dualtron ULTRA electric scooter
  • Range: 74 miles
  • Weight: 81 lbs
  • Top speed: 50 mph
  • Motor: Dual 2400 watts
  • Battery: 2072 watt hours
  • Brakes: Dual hydraulic 140 mm disc
  • Max weight: 260 pounds
  • Tires: 10″ x 3.5″ pneumatic tubeless

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Dualtron ULTRA vs Dualtron 3

The Dualtron ULTRA is a significant step up from the Dualtron III.  For only a few more pounds of weight, you get a significantly beefed-up 2400 watt motors and larger 2072 watt hour battery pack.  You also get a fully-hydraulic brake system.  Though the reported range and top speed don’t really change much, the ULTRA acceleration and climbing ability are much more aggressive. 

Compared to the Dualtron Spider, the ULTRA is in a completely different class.

Dualtron Thunder

  • Range: 74 miles
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Top speed: 50 mph
  • Motor: Dual 2700 watts
  • Battery: 2060 watt-hours
  • Brakes: Dual hydraulic 160 mm disc
  • Max weight: 260 pounds
  • Tires: 11″ x 4″ pneumatic tubeless

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Though it will soon be surpassed by the Dualtron X , Thunder is the most powerful Dualtron that is available for purchase today. 

Everything about this scooter is over-the-top.  It has dual 2700 watt electric motors with massive 160 mm hydraulically-controlled disc brakes.  Braking power is incredible — the fully hydraulic system provides extremely linear, strong, predictable braking.  If you’ve never used fully hydraulic brakes before, then prepare yourself for a real treat!

No obstacle will stand in your way as you float over the road on what are essentially 11″ motorcycle tires.  The huge 2072 watt-hour LG battery pack and dual 30 amp controller feeds the motors. 

Though it has similar top speed to the ULTRA (limited by motor RPM and not power), the acceleration and torque on this scooter are insane. There is abundant torque that pulls the scooter up steep of hills and under heavy loads. 

To put it simply: this scooter is scary fast.

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Dualtron Thunder vs Dualtron ULTRA

The Thunder has a larger deck, larger brake calipers, larger and wider tires, and a more powerful motor, compared to the Dualtron UTRA.  Though on paper, it has very similar stats to the Dualtron ULTRA, it is quite a different scooter.  Make no mistake — the Thunder is the (current) reigning heavyweight champion of Dualtron scooters. 

Dualtron Thunder vs Dualtron 3

Though tipping the scales at 79 lbs, and a beast in its own right, the Dualtron 3 seems like a paper tiger compared to the Thunder that weighs 20% more.  The acceleration of the Dualtron 3 compared to the Thunder isn’t even in the same class.  The power differences are most notable when the scooters are maxed out at weight capacity or climbing steep inclines.  The Dualtron 3 is a very fast scooter but under load, the superior torque of the Thunder will prevail.    

Dualtron X

  • Range: >90 miles
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Top speed: >55 mph
  • Motor: Dual 3360 watts
  • Battery: 2940 watt hours
  • Brakes: Dual hydraulic disc
  • Max weight: >300 pounds
  • Tires: 13″ x 5″ pneumatic tubeless

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The Dualtron X is an incredible electric scooter and will take the crown as the heavyweight champion of Dualtron scooters. From its enormous 13″ tubeless pneumatic off-road tires to its dual 3360 W electric motor, everything about this scooter is impressive.

Check out our Dualtron X Review to learn more about the fastest, baddest scooter on the planet.

Dualtron X vs Dualtron Thunder

The Dualtron X is an absolute savage. Compared to the Dualtron Thunder, it is significantly heavier, larger, and more powerful. The Dualtron X is the fastest, baddest, most powerful electric scooter you can buy today period.

We’ve ridden both models and in terms of speed, the Dualtron Thunder can keep up with the Dualtron X off the starting line, however above 20 mph, the Dualtron X leaves the Thunder in the dust.  This is all due to the dual 3360-watt motors which give a combined power of >6,000 watts and massive 2940 watt-hour battery gas tank.

The Dualtron X’s tires are significantly larger than the Dualtron Thunder and the X has an optional bolt-on seat. This and the built-in steering damper, which keeps you stable at high speeds, make this scooter much more motorcycle-like than the Dualtron X.

One final thing to note is that the suspension and riding comfort on the Dualtron X are absolutely supreme to any scooter we’ve ridden, including the Thunder. The Dualtron X’s huge coil-over-shocks and sheer mass make the X a much more comfortable scooter to cover longer distances and arrive with minimal fatigue.

Dualtron Scooter Review Summary

The Dualtron scooter line from MiniMotors represents the pinnacle of electric scooter technology and performance. Dualtron is simply the best, most premium electric scooter you can buy, though other companies are trying to catch up to them. Zero and the Zero 10X, for example, are fairly serious contenders that are worth taking a look at.

However, despite setting the standard, Dualtrons are not without flaws.  We’ve noted here and elsewhere our complaints about wobble in stem and the somewhat quirky EYE LCD. Despite these flaws, Dualtron still remains supreme and nearly any model you purchase is built to last.  If you’re not ready for a serious electric scooter, then the Dualtron won’t be right for you.  If you are ready for a serious scooter, then Dualtron is likely your best bet.



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