Dualtron Storm Limited 84v Electric Scooter Unboxing and Impressions.

Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited

In this post, we unbox the new Dualtron Storm Limited 84v electric scooter to get a closer look at its features and specs.

This is one of the most interesting and terrifying scooters we’ve ever tested. We’re quickly going to list a couple of things from the spec and tell you why it scares us:

  • This is the only 84V scooter we’ve ever had our hands on – 84V 45 ah  = 3790 Wh
  • Spec max range is ‘approximately 137 miles‘, but we’re estimating 73 miles, which is terrifying. That’s nearly 4 hours solid riding, including bathroom breaks!
  • Double increases the controller output current from 45A to 60A for 10 seconds.
  • A 95.4V 4A charger  = 11 hours from empty to full, (or 5.6 hours with two of them)
  • Dual 10A charging ports GX20-3P rather than standard GX16-3P. In theory two 10A chargers could charge it in 2.25 hours but we wouldn’t recommend doing that. 
  • Reports of max speed are 61 mph to 75 mph – spec says ‘less than 75 mph‘. This could still be a new ESG speed record holder. To get to the absolute peak of speed, we’ll need to double-click the throttle at just the right time…

Unboxing the New Dualtron Storm Limited

Unpacked Dualtron Storm Limited Scooter

So this scooter has actually been in the box for a couple of days and we’ve been dying to open it up and see what’s in there, but we couldn’t until we filmed it.

So, here’s one of the first big things: it comes with a branded steering damper that says Minimotors on it.

When we first heard about the scooter, we thought, “OK, this is going to be an 84-volt version of the Dualtron Storm with a steering damper, and maybe that’s about it.”

But it’s not at all.

You’ve got the remote, just like all the Minimotors scooters have with their amazing swag lights.

Dualtron Storm Limited Scooter Light Remote Controller

You’ve got some hardware in the box too, including a little toolkit, which is handy. So you essentially have everything you need to assemble the scooter right out of the box.

But best of all, the scooter is already pretty much fully assembled in the box. All you’re going to have to do is take it out of the box and pop the stem up. And then you’re going to latch the handlebars into place.

What To Expect From The New Dualtron Storm Limited Electric Scooter.

The Dualtron Storm Limited has an enormous rubber deck with a couple of new details: it looks really nice, and the deck is absolutely huge.

Paul on the Dualtron Storm Limited Electric Scooter

No Stem Squeak

Something we noticed right away is that it has three bolts on the stem instead of two. All the other Dualtron scooters have two bolts, and in the past, every scooter has had a bit of a stem creak. But maybe they’ve fixed it with the three bolts, let’s see.

(Wiggles stem)

It’s gone! At last! This is the first time we’ve seen a Dualtron Storm scooter that didn’t have a little bit of stem squeak to it.

Dualtron Storm Battery

So this is not only the highest voltage scooter at 84 volts we’ve ever seen, but it’s also the biggest battery by a long shot. This thing is absolutely huge.

Paul did some calculations and he’s a little scared about what’s going to happen during the range test…

If he takes how far we got on the original Dualtron Storm and then scales it up for the size of the battery on this new scooter, he’s expecting over 70 miles of actual riding on our test course, which is a tough, tough test course.

Dualtron Storm Limited Electric Scooter With Claimed Range Displayed

He reckons it’s going to take him roughly four hours of riding to drain the battery pack!

New Charge Ports

Check these out, the Dualtron Storm Limited has a new type of charger port; they’re much bigger. They’re also really well protected, which is good because you have a ton of voltage with this scooter. They apparently handle 10 amps each.

In theory, you could charge the scooter at 20 amps; we wouldn’t, and we aren’t recommending that at all, but it’s going to let you charge really fast.

Double Click Throttle

It’s got a double click throttle, which means when you’re in normal riding mode, the scooter’s going to give you up to 45 amps per end, which is more than it sounds like because at 84 volts, if you multiply that by 45 amps, it’s a lot.

But for 10 seconds, if you double click the throttle, it’ll give you 60 amps at 84 volts, which is insane.

That’s around 11,500 watts when the battery is fully charged – it’s going to be bonkers.

How have they achieved that? They’ve done some interesting stuff to make that happen…

Wider Motors

They’ve actually made the motors wider and used wider magnets (60mm to 70mm) so the motors could handle all that brute power.

As we said before, we thought this might be basically like a regular Storm with an 84 volt battery and a steering damper, but it’s got a couple of other differences.

Bigger Battery

The battery is much, much bigger, in terms of the range and all that. Now, this scooter doesn’t have a removable battery pack, partly because it would just be so heavy, even the one in the regular Storm was pretty heavy.

4 Amp Charger

How much juice do you have to work with for this scooter?

The new Dualtron Storm comes with a 4 amp charger that goes up to 95 volts. So this is an 85-volt nominal scooter, so that looks like it can go all the way up to 95 volts when it’s fully topped up.

Crazy Top Speed

This scooter’s supposed to have a crazy top speed, we’ve heard anywhere from 61 mph to somewhere in the mid-70s.

That’s ridiculously fast.

Our top speed record here is the Wolf King GT at 61 mph. Paul’s going to test run it , and find out how fast this thing will go.

Wolf King GT Electric Scooter

The trick is he’s going to have to double click the throttle at just the right time to get that 10 seconds of boost at the right speed, to carry him up to the fastest speed.

Which is why we think the reported top speeds we’re seeing are so different for different people – you’ve got to time it just right.

New Thumbprint Reader

Dualtron Storm Limited Scooter Thumb Reader

Something else is new, the Dualtron Storm has a fingerprint reader. When you first get the scooter, you have to set your thumb on the reader a bunch of times so it can memorize your thumbprint.

And then later on when you want to unlock the scooter, you just use your thumb, rather than using a key. And you can also clear it out if you know you’re going to sell the scooter, or want to change it.

Same Control Box

It’s also got the same nice metal control box that we had on the regular Storm. It’s got the turn signals, the master on-off switch for all the lights and the swag lights, and your Eco and turbo buttons.

You also have a horn, which is nice. A Dualtron Storm with a horn. They don’t all have horns, surprisingly.

And you’ve got your hazard lights, turn signals, and brake lights.

Dualtron Storm Limited Scooter Rear Lights

Taking the Dualtron Storm for a Test Ride

Let’s not forget about the accessories bar. It attaches right up front and will be handy for adding aftermarket lights or other accessories.

Now, it turns out the steering damper doesn’t mount to the steering column, it actually has its own mounts.

And now it’s ready for Paul to take this bad boy outside for a spin, that’s what we’re all here for!

“I can’t wait, I’m honestly a little nervous about this.” – Paul

One final thing before we take the scooter outside and ride it; we want to find out what the firmware-limited top speed of this scooter is, e.g. how fast the motors spin the wheels off the ground.

Let’s have a look: 78 miles per hour!

Dualtron Storm Limited scooter Firmware Limited Top Speed

Okay, that should be plenty. We’ll see how fast it goes out in the real world.

All right, we’ve got the steering damper on, we’ve got the tires aired up, and of course, we’ve maxed out settings because who wants to start off easy?

Let’s see how this thing goes….

“Oh man, oh this is crazy, I can smell the tires.” – Paul

Dualtron Storm Limited 84v: Technical Specifications

Note: These specifications are provided by the manufacturer and may differ from our real-world testing.

ModelDualtron Storm Limited
Weight111 lb
Folded dimensions48 by 16 by 23 in
Motor power, continuous6720 W
Top speed68 mph
Range58 mi
Battery capacity3780 Wh
Battery recharge time11 hrs
Max rider weight330 lb
Brake typeDisc (Hydraulic) + Disc (Hydraulic)
Tire type11.0 in Pneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceNone



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