What Are the Best Rated Electric Scooter Models?

We harnessed heaps of survey data to determine which is the best rated electric scooter model. Satisfaction, durability and popularity were evaluated. Read on to learn which models are top-ranked  — according to the data.

This article is based on last year’s survey and hasn’t been updated. See our Best Electric Scooters article for data from the 2020 electric scooter survey.

Best Rated Electric Scooter Models

We crunched the numbers from the r/ElectricScooter Survey to answer three questions based on data only. These were: highest satisfaction, most durable and most popular. The MiniMotors Dualtron ULTRA, Zoom Stryder EX, and Xiaomi Mi M365 were winners in these respective categories.

What It Means to Be the Best Rated Models

We consider three important pieces of data to ascertain what is the best-rated electric scooter. These are: owner satisfaction ratings, reported number of miles per repair, and scooter popularity.

Owner satisfaction ratings tell us just that — how satisfied someone is with their purchase. While this is subjective, with enough data, we can guess that a highly rated scooter will also be highly rated by you.

Miles per repair is a good metric for reliability — how much mileage can you expect to accumulate before requiring repair or maintenance. The higher this number, the better.

Popularity doesn’t necessarily indicate quality, but it does mean you may have an easier time finding replacements parts or learning how to repair something. This is especially important now, as distributor and repair networks are not yet fully established for electric scooters (although we are trying to build a database of local electric scooter mechanics).

What Are the Highest Rated Electric Scooters?

We asked owners to rate how satisfied they were with their electric scooter. Only scooter models that received >5 responses are shown.

The average satisfaction rating was 4.3/5.

The MiniMotors Dualtron ULTRA, MiniMotors Dualtron Spider, and Xiaomi Mi M365 were the top 3 highest-rated electric scooters with scores of 5/5, 4.6/5, and 4.5/5 respectively.

Highest Satisfaction: Minimotors

Minimotors logo

5/5 over 5 reviews

Dualtron ULTRA

What Are the Most Durable Electric Scooter Models?

The survey also collected repair and component failure incidences. We used this to compute miles per repair, a metric for scooter durability. The data represents >58,000 collective scooter miles and 708 months of ownership. For analysis, we only considered models with at least 500 reported miles.

The average miles per repair across all scooters was 487.

The most reliable models were the Zoom Stryder EX (1213 miles/repair), MiniMotors Mini 4 Pro (860 miles/repair), and MiniMotors Dualtron ULTRA (819 miles/repair).

Most Durable: Zoom


1200 miles/repair

Zoom Stryder EX

The Xiaomi Mi M365, Zoom Stryder EX, and Zero 8 / MiniMotors Mini 4 Pro were the most popular electric scooter models, collectively accounting for almost 50% of responses.

 45 reviews

Xiaomi Mi M365



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